Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Improving your posture and core competence

Core competence and posture

If you sit a bikini, there is nothing worse than a flabby belly, without sound or muscle definition. Photoshop cannot do everything, after all! Get a hot belly is not easy, but it is very possible that, if you are willing to put in some work.

There are other reasons to create a core of very good, and it is all about, stomach tonic. Create your core will prevent back problems and also to give you an upright posture. This is not only more and a six pack - it is about strengthening the muscles around the abdomen, spine and pelvis.
Its solid core?

This is very simple, non-scientists to measure the strength of the base:

* Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees.
* Thumbs just above where you feel the hip bone Place, pressing his fingers lightly on the abdomen, just below the navel.
* You are now sitting on a very slow start and think about what you feel.

The muscles under the fingers, should be fixed up and flatter you. The muscles that are under the thumb should be to shorten and pull inward to its base. Support half of your body.

When sitting on the lower abdomen should not be pushed against the tip of the fingers and the muscles in your hands no more extensive and more. If they do, we have to do more work, get a solid foundation!
What is a position of power and why do you want?

Everyone should be aware that it’s neutral spinal alignment - the positioning of the column that is less stressful on their bodies. This is what a good attitude, and is particularly important for a successful modeling career. We are born in a good position, but is often modified and weakened by the hardships of everyday life.

No matter whether you work or just sit on the computer, you should consider how they sit. If you want to attack a bit and try to regain and maintain your lower back slightly curved. If you keep your spine in neutral position and learn to love their strong position, your body stays healthy, because it runs in most stress-free as possible.
Build your core competence

Make sure when you will train your muscles used to create a solid and stable. Do not even think about starting an exercise until you secure your spine and muscles are in the right direction and are placed so that not only hurt the most from your chosen exercise, but not. Why waste the time of exercise that does nothing for you. Make sure to choose appropriate exercises to strengthen her goal - to their core.

Be aware in the exercise, the movement with the goal. Not always maintain the neutral position discussed above. Should know. Feel your body feels in each year. Focus on how your muscles and start the work and how each part of the body feels. If you pay attention to every muscle in your body, try to ensure that they all worked in a similar way.

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