Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Exercise #1: Crunches

Core strength workout - crunches
  • Lie down on your back, with your knees bent. Use a mat if you have one.
  • While keeping your hips and lower body still, crunch forward and lift your shoulder blades off the mat.
  • Hold at the top for 1 second and slowly lower back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat 2 sets of 15.

Exercise #2: Quadruped

Core strength workout - the quadruped
  • Start on your hands and knees, with your hands directly below your shoulders and your upper leg vertical.
  • Lift your right arm and bring it forward. At the same time, lift your left leg up until it is straight and horizontal. Hold for 3 deep breaths before returning to your starting position.
  • Now lift your left arm and right leg. Again, hold for 3 deep breaths then return to your starting position.
  • Repeat 2 sets of 15.

Exercise #3: Bicycle

Core strength workout - the bicycle
  • Lie down on your back with your legs flat, and your arms behind your head or stretched out behind you.
  • Lift up your left leg, keeping your calf parallel to the ground. As you lower it back to the starting position, lift your right leg up in a similar fashion. It should feel like you're cycling.
  • To make the exercise more difficult, lift up your right shoulder in a crunch at the same time as you lift your left leg. Then lift your left shoulder when you raise your right leg.
  • Repeat 2 sets of 15.

It takes work and practice to build a strong core, but keep up the exercises and you can do it. Your stability and mobility will be much improved, your posture will be straighter, and you will feel much stronger and more in control of your body.

Improving your posture and core competence

Core competence and posture

If you sit a bikini, there is nothing worse than a flabby belly, without sound or muscle definition. Photoshop cannot do everything, after all! Get a hot belly is not easy, but it is very possible that, if you are willing to put in some work.

There are other reasons to create a core of very good, and it is all about, stomach tonic. Create your core will prevent back problems and also to give you an upright posture. This is not only more and a six pack - it is about strengthening the muscles around the abdomen, spine and pelvis.
Its solid core?

This is very simple, non-scientists to measure the strength of the base:

* Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees.
* Thumbs just above where you feel the hip bone Place, pressing his fingers lightly on the abdomen, just below the navel.
* You are now sitting on a very slow start and think about what you feel.

The muscles under the fingers, should be fixed up and flatter you. The muscles that are under the thumb should be to shorten and pull inward to its base. Support half of your body.

When sitting on the lower abdomen should not be pushed against the tip of the fingers and the muscles in your hands no more extensive and more. If they do, we have to do more work, get a solid foundation!
What is a position of power and why do you want?

Everyone should be aware that it’s neutral spinal alignment - the positioning of the column that is less stressful on their bodies. This is what a good attitude, and is particularly important for a successful modeling career. We are born in a good position, but is often modified and weakened by the hardships of everyday life.

No matter whether you work or just sit on the computer, you should consider how they sit. If you want to attack a bit and try to regain and maintain your lower back slightly curved. If you keep your spine in neutral position and learn to love their strong position, your body stays healthy, because it runs in most stress-free as possible.
Build your core competence

Make sure when you will train your muscles used to create a solid and stable. Do not even think about starting an exercise until you secure your spine and muscles are in the right direction and are placed so that not only hurt the most from your chosen exercise, but not. Why waste the time of exercise that does nothing for you. Make sure to choose appropriate exercises to strengthen her goal - to their core.

Be aware in the exercise, the movement with the goal. Not always maintain the neutral position discussed above. Should know. Feel your body feels in each year. Focus on how your muscles and start the work and how each part of the body feels. If you pay attention to every muscle in your body, try to ensure that they all worked in a similar way.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fit on the Road

Stay healthy while on the highway always a problem in a modeling career when you are traveling to an international version, and are only 50 miles on the road to two days work. Whenever you take an overnight flight or a hotel, a fight on the right path to stay.

Not only is the food business or service room, which is difficult, either - your exercise routine is usually the first victim of a long journey makes. This also applies to holiday or business trip distance for a long modeling session. Read the rest of our movement and diet tips on the street.

Exercise tips along the way

- Make time for your training

When you travel, you really have to plan when, where and how it will work if you get really. Plan your travel, accommodation, car rental and everything else, it could save your exercise as well. Put it on your calendar and e-mail for you so you will not forget.

- Stay in a room with exercise equipment

See if you can find a hotel with available devices. Most hotels have a gym of one kind or another way is to take an exercise DVD and do some exercise in your room.

- Bring what you need

Do I need special equipment to take with you? If the hotel has a swimming pool, take your bathing suit, so that you can get a quick cardio before breakfast. Tubes are one of the best tools to carry - easy to store and allow you to work out in difficult areas such as the biceps and shoulders without your room. So the obvious things - the sneakers and workout clothes. It is difficult to start if you have the right equipment.

- Morning Exercise

The best time to exercise during the trip is usually in the morning. Photo sessions can be pushed more and more, well beyond the deadline so that you in your training from the beginning, when you know you have the time. This also gives you the opportunity to network is shortly after the event.

- Get your training in unconventional places

Instead of watching just use the tick hour wait for a connection to the airport, this time to get your body moving. Stroll through the shops, or even set a goal to walk from one end to the other airport (not only lose the connection!). Better yet, skip to enjoy the mobile platform than the earth, and the ability to walk from your front door. All of these short exercises add up.

Dietary advice for the road

It's hard to eat healthy when traveling, because most food that is available is simply not very good for you. Ensure you pack a healthy snack from baking and vending cart. It is easy, a few blocks away, beams or mixed nuts in your hand luggage and gives you something decent to eat in your hotel room or waiting for their aircraft.

Avoid foods business also. It can often full of preservatives, the swelling and almost certainly prepared to lead a few hours before. Try a healthy snack to eat at the airport before boarding, when you hear the chicken or beef, sir? "Say no!

Do not forget to bring, water, or to receive as soon as you arrive at your destination. The water will help you stay hydrated after a long journey in a very dry air and help to satisfy your cravings and keep junk food away from the airport.

If you are eating in restaurants, there are some simple tips to make the calories down.

-Before dinner, enjoy a cup of green tea or a Perrier with a slice of lemon. Help reduce appetite. Go to a restaurant if you are really hungry is tempting fate.

-Order a starter rather than developing a record - the parties have in recent years and have not needed any more real.

-Do not do anything for the sauce. The grilled chicken like light, but not if you drown in a creamy sauce! In an Italian restaurant, for tomato-based sauces instead of cream base.

-Order your food steamed, baked, grilled or poached instead of fried or sauteed.

With a food diary for weight loss

If you have ever attempted to lose weight, you know, it's a hard thing to do. A food diary is to help an excellent tool for weight loss lose your diet and weight. Allows you to view every bite you put in your mouth, take responsibility for themselves and their eating habits, and helps you achieve your weight loss goals faster.
As simple as using a paper weight loss, there are some things to remember to stay through the newspaper and used properly. Diet and most people find very useful. Read our top five tips to keep a food diary.

Always, always, always write

He bites you, write it! Make your meals as quickly as possible after the meal - if you wait, you run the risk of forgetting. You are about to sit down and scratch your head thinking: "What I ate dinner last night? You may remember what you eat, but are bound to forget something. Vinaigrette or stealing your thoughts to too many calories. It is honest and straightforward with you. Even if you start your diet, keep writing what you eat. A diet is healthy and sustainable way of knowing what you put in your body.
When the magazine is not just the food you eat, you should consider. If you follow where and when you eat, your day will be even more useful. If you're dieting, you know, there are friends who simply diet and for those who do not follow. They learn that the places and feelings that led to overeating. If you notice any bite into your food diary, you may be able to stop this behavior once it is recognized.

A newspaper not only to food

When you exercise, write it too! No regime can be effective in the long term without a good exercise routine. Additionally, exercise increases metabolism and makes it easier to maintain weight, even if your diet is not valid. Once again, he writes so sure that you are honest with yourself. If you did a walk 45 minutes last week, you are guilty of writing "20 minutes at the site of this weekend, the feeling, right?
A diary can help you stay motivated and maintain their long-term results. After a few months ago and you will double the distance that you had when you started to use. Again, this is a great motivator. With an entire issue to try to remember what you did. Everything will be on paper.

Dieter Responsible

A food diary really helps in the possession of your diet take. Enter your weight every day, besides food you eat, and you will quickly see the changes that may be diet. There is no one else to blame and no excuses - you're a newspaper of all the information and tools you need. If you have a problem with your diet, you can use to get good advice - a friend or an expert as a nutritionist, a doctor or a trainer. Perhaps it will be in position, the things you missed and to identify what needs to change.

Home cooking is the best source of food

This is probably not a big surprise. When cooking at home, see exactly what is happening in your food. You can measure the volume and think about what food combinations, add the number of calories. You can follow closely what they think of any recipe. Often, you can substitute something healthy, something unhealthy - can easily yogurt instead of sour cream or low-fat turkey instead of ground beef are.
If you eat in a restaurant, is the fact that you have to eat very little idea of the calorie content of foods you. It is usually much more than you think. There is often hidden butter, oil, cream or something to add, to dream home. If this is not bad enough, often restaurants are too large portions. So while you keep a food diary can be a good idea to have a meal at home is more to eat, if you can.

Stay motivated

Of course there are the days you want to eat outdoors. There are parties, dates and so tired at night, holidays and times when you're on the road are for cooking. It is difficult to follow a diet of 100% of the time. But be sure to write down what you eat, even if you stop the diet. You may only clarify the motivation to update more effective food diary ever think being fit!