Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fit on the Road

Stay healthy while on the highway always a problem in a modeling career when you are traveling to an international version, and are only 50 miles on the road to two days work. Whenever you take an overnight flight or a hotel, a fight on the right path to stay.

Not only is the food business or service room, which is difficult, either - your exercise routine is usually the first victim of a long journey makes. This also applies to holiday or business trip distance for a long modeling session. Read the rest of our movement and diet tips on the street.

Exercise tips along the way

- Make time for your training

When you travel, you really have to plan when, where and how it will work if you get really. Plan your travel, accommodation, car rental and everything else, it could save your exercise as well. Put it on your calendar and e-mail for you so you will not forget.

- Stay in a room with exercise equipment

See if you can find a hotel with available devices. Most hotels have a gym of one kind or another way is to take an exercise DVD and do some exercise in your room.

- Bring what you need

Do I need special equipment to take with you? If the hotel has a swimming pool, take your bathing suit, so that you can get a quick cardio before breakfast. Tubes are one of the best tools to carry - easy to store and allow you to work out in difficult areas such as the biceps and shoulders without your room. So the obvious things - the sneakers and workout clothes. It is difficult to start if you have the right equipment.

- Morning Exercise

The best time to exercise during the trip is usually in the morning. Photo sessions can be pushed more and more, well beyond the deadline so that you in your training from the beginning, when you know you have the time. This also gives you the opportunity to network is shortly after the event.

- Get your training in unconventional places

Instead of watching just use the tick hour wait for a connection to the airport, this time to get your body moving. Stroll through the shops, or even set a goal to walk from one end to the other airport (not only lose the connection!). Better yet, skip to enjoy the mobile platform than the earth, and the ability to walk from your front door. All of these short exercises add up.

Dietary advice for the road

It's hard to eat healthy when traveling, because most food that is available is simply not very good for you. Ensure you pack a healthy snack from baking and vending cart. It is easy, a few blocks away, beams or mixed nuts in your hand luggage and gives you something decent to eat in your hotel room or waiting for their aircraft.

Avoid foods business also. It can often full of preservatives, the swelling and almost certainly prepared to lead a few hours before. Try a healthy snack to eat at the airport before boarding, when you hear the chicken or beef, sir? "Say no!

Do not forget to bring, water, or to receive as soon as you arrive at your destination. The water will help you stay hydrated after a long journey in a very dry air and help to satisfy your cravings and keep junk food away from the airport.

If you are eating in restaurants, there are some simple tips to make the calories down.

-Before dinner, enjoy a cup of green tea or a Perrier with a slice of lemon. Help reduce appetite. Go to a restaurant if you are really hungry is tempting fate.

-Order a starter rather than developing a record - the parties have in recent years and have not needed any more real.

-Do not do anything for the sauce. The grilled chicken like light, but not if you drown in a creamy sauce! In an Italian restaurant, for tomato-based sauces instead of cream base.

-Order your food steamed, baked, grilled or poached instead of fried or sauteed.

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